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Indian Version Of The Office Airs On Hotstar Premium

Hotstar aired all the episodes of The Office which is a Hindi remake of the hit US TV series, The Office.

One of the greatest TV shows of all time, The Office has got an Indian version now, exclusively available on Hotstar. The TV show which first started airing in the UK, which got a remake in the USA and now it looks like Hotstar has given it an Indian touch. However, there is a catch. While some fans find it decent enough, many are enraged by the sheer attempt, after all, Indian TV and Cinema has got a bad reputation when it comes to adaptation or remake.

The USA version which was based in Scranton and the Indian version is based in Faridabad. The famous character of Michael Scott is now Jagdeep Cadha and Pam is now Pammi. Halloween celebration has changed to Navratri celebration and the list goes on. This has always been a problem with remakes, losing the essence in translation because of a distinct culture.

The fans are also outraged over the creative liberty of the makers, or the lack of it. While Pam changed to Pammi, the episodes and jokes are copied word by word. It looks like Google translator wrote the script for the Indian version of The Office.

Indian Version Of The Office Airs On Hotstar Premium

There have been subtle changes to, especially the character of TP Mishra, which is based on Dwight. The jokes have no effect whatsoever when translated to Hindi. The characters are not impactful and the entire show seems unnecessary. However, one can argue over the fact that the first season of the US version of The Office was a remake of UK version and the US version found its own voice in the second season. The same can be said for the Hotstar special The Office but that would depend on whether the show goes for another season or not. All the episodes are airing on Hotstar Premium and you can check them out for yourself and share your experience of the Indian The Office with us.