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The DCEU’s Famous Madman Joker Tells His Origin Story In A Solo Movie

One of the greatest villains of all time, Joker would be making his solo debut on the big screen on October 4th. Ever since the clown villain made his debut in the DC comics, he has been a fan favorite for his rivalry with Batman. A man of principles, Joker went onto feud with Batman many times. In cinematic history, Batman has been depicted in many movies, recently by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. However, it’s Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight which introduced the clown villain to the world on a broader scale.

Ever since MCU gained success in the comic book movies with their standoff movies, DC fans have been hoping for a good Joker movie. Ever since DCEU announced that they would be working on a Joker movie, fans have been wondering how it would pan out. However, all the air has been cleared with the release of Joker movie trailer.

What do we know about the cast of the Joker movie?
A while ago it was rumored that Leonardo Dicaprio is being approached to play the famous DC villain and Martin Scorsese to be the director. However, DCEU later announced that Joaquin Phoenix would be playing the role of Joker alongside Todd Phillips being the brains behind the story. He has directed movies such as Hangover, Due Date. The production house is hoping that the fresh perspective would allow them to break the creative block. Other notable actors who have joined the ship are Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Josh Pais, and Marc Maron.

Where will the Joker movie story take us?
The creators announced in 2017 a series of Joker movies to be made in upcoming years, starting with the origin story of the infamous DC villain. This would be the first time a Joker solo movie is being made. The movie takes us back to 80s, showing the story of a man named Arthur who later goes onto becoming Joker. The story depicts the downfall of Gotham city and the rise of the clown villain. The movie would have no connection to the prior DCEU movies and would be a separate series of movie.

Review of the trailer of Joker movie
The review was critically acclaimed by the fans and the critics. DC fans are hopeful for the direction towards which DCEU is heading with its solo Joker movie. Joaquin Phoenix seems to be in his world while playing Joker and it is very much different than Jared Leto’s interpretation of the character. The music and cinematography seem to be complimenting well with the story and there is a scene showing Joker interacting with a kid Bruce Wayne which has got fans all hyped up. It is to be seen how the fans respond to the movie once it is released in October.