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Avengers Re-Release: Not Enough To Beat Avatar’s Record

Marvel Studios on June 28th re-rereleased Avengers Endgame in their attempt to beat the record of all-time highest grosser, currently held by Avatar. Avengers Endgame had a global box-office collection of $2.7 billion, just $100 million short of the record held by Avatar.

MCU was pretty confident about its re-release and they expected it to break the record of highest grosser of all time, however, things don’t look so good and many pundits are saying that Avengers Endgame might need another re-release to break the record.

Avengers Endgame in its second run has earned a total of $2.761 billion, which is just $26.6 million shy of the Avatar’s record. This means that Avengers re-release just earned it $10 million worldwide, with half of it coming from the United States. The movie was expected to easily cross the record but with the trend over the weekend, it looks like crossing the $26 million hurdles would be a difficult job.

However, MCU can take refuge in the fact that Avengers Endgame happens to be an all-time highest box-office grosser in a single release, considering the fact that Avatar was technically re-released too. But MCU won’t be content with that. Pundits have been wondering whether MCU would look to re-release Endgame after a while or would they hope to cross the record with this re-release.