Rick and Morty renewed for 70 more episodes!

Adult Swim's Rick and Morty became a massive hit since its debut in 2013. Cartoon Network and the co-creator of the series announced to their eager audience that the show will be getting 70 more episodes.
So far there have been 3 seasons of this cult animation, which turn out to be 31 episodes in total. Needless to say that the audience was very excited to hear this news. Clearly Justine Roiland's tweet was flooded by fans as soon as he posted this news. However, they still have to figure out how to break these episodes into seasons in order to present them on the main screen.

It is true that the fans were waiting for the renewal of the show, but the size it acquired is simply surprising for them. It seriously exceeds our expectations. The Sci-Fi satire is mainly famous amongst the millennial audience. Rick and Morty airs on Cartoon Network. It is one of the most watched shows on Cartoon Network. Rick And Morty successfully ranks as one of the top shows in today's date.
The storyline of the show revolves around the grandpa Rick who is a scientist and Morty, his grandson. Rick drags Morty with him for his adventures across the various dimensions of the Universe.
The dynamic duo is going to be back on the screen soon. The show has influenced and inspired a lot of trends around the globe. One of these is the limited edition McDonald's famous Szechuan dipping sauce. It had to be re-released since the massive fandom of the show created a chaos. It soon became a publicity stunt in which there wasn't enough to satisfy the need of the need of the fandom.
So re-binging the old episodes does not seem like a bad idea before the flooding of new episodes!