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Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15 Movie Box-Office Collection After Two Days

Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15 has been the talk of the week, with the movie being released on Friday. The movie performed mediocre at the box-office collection with the total box-office collection after day 2 standing at Rs 12.27 crore, with Sunday expected to ruin the flow, courtesy India vs England cricket match.

A socio-political drama, the movie reimagines 2014 Badaun rape case. The movie highlights the caste-based discrimination still practiced in society. The movie makes you uncomfortable with its hard-hitting reality. Anubhav Sinha seems to have excelled in the movie, making it his own comfort zone, which was also evident from the movie Mulk, directed by him. While the movie keeps hitting out the social unjust, it doesn’t bother to preach or be politically correct, which makes this movie stand out from its counterparts.

The movie seems to be on a track to success and with a small budget for production, whatever the movie earns would be a profit. It would be exciting to see where the box-office collection of Article 15 ends, with Super 30 being just 12 days away from its release.